Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tis the Season and In Memory of Deanna and Chris

'Tis the season to be jolly.. and I am.  Whoever said money buys happiness, doesn't have what I have in my life.  Because money is definitely something that I struggle with to get by, but I feel like that it makes me appreciate the little things and working 3 jobs, my goodness.. I am the hardest worker I know (not to toot my own horn).

My Adopt a Family fundraiser is going on right now, and I am hoping to raise a few hundred dollars to be able to buy Walter and Cathy everything they could possibly imagine.  I am looking for donations until December 11th, but by even this weekend, would be perfect so I can shop in between jobs and events :) You are all so wonderful.. so far, I have 2 donations from Jayme and Val, and Lorraine so THANK YOU so much!!!
Here is our Christmas Tree at school with all the hats and mittens being donated to kids that do not have the money to get items like these.  Children are precious and need to be kept warm, and families from my area are so generous and helpful.  We are actually donating all the hats, mittens, and coats to my best friend's school, which is such a coincidence and amazing.
The picture above is me and Heather getting our picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus.. I did tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas... for my mom to be happy and have the best Christmas ever XOXO
In light of the Christmas season, I have finally finished my Christmas Printables.. it contains a lot of grammar printables, actually suitable for grade 4 (and grades 3 and 5 for higher-level learning and review) connecting with different pronouns and punctuation.  There are also worksheets about division, multiplying fractions, word problems, and writing prompts/stationery. Such cute graphics from The 3AM Teacher, Michelle is so amazing.. and the most adorable fonts from Kevin and Amanda!!
Click HERE for this product on Teachers Pay Teachers... and HERE for this product on the lovely Teacher's Notebook!!! Both only $2.00 for a limited time!!!  

I also want to take the time to say that something extremely terrible happened in my community this past weekend.  I still have yet to wrap my head around it... four high school teenagers were driving home from a UAlbany game and they were hit by a driver (who had been drinking) and two of them were killed instantly.  The other two were in critical care, but are now out of the hospital.  The two that survived, Matt and Bailey, are dealing with probably the most difficult thing they will ever go through in their lives - losing the love of their lives. 
Deanna Rivers and Chris Stewart were the two Shen students that passed, and Deanna's boyfriend Matt and Chris's girlfriend Bailey have the love and support of their families, friends, and the entire community.  (Deanna is in the tye-dyed shirt, and Chris is wearing black).  Deanna, Chris, and Matt all attended Shenendehowa High School together, and Bailey goes to Shaker High School, where I used to teach (for their elementary and middle school) so I know of her and know her friends that are also in pain right now for her.  What a complete devastation this is, but I have to say that the strength and togetherness is OVERWHELMING and just a beautiful, beautiful thing.
  (Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers)
With the support of the 518 community, Tim Tebow and Missy Franklin each reached out to Matt and Bailey to help show their support as well.  How amazing to have thousands of people gather and help out their loved ones through this tragedy.  Carrie Underwood also dedicated a song to Deanna and Chris at her concert in Albany.  Just amazing.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and that their families and friends will come together to heal and find peace. XOXO


  1. Reading everything about that terrible tragedy brought me to tears EVERY time, but the candlelight vigil was so amazing. It's so sad that something like this has to happen. I wish people didn't drink & drive!

    Hope you have a great holiday, Laura! :)

    1. I know, Ashley, it's terrible..especially this time of year, I hope their families can find peace, the poor things XO I hope you have an absolute wonderful holiday too!


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