Monday, December 10, 2012

Tell me something good

I am linking up with Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade for her Tell Me Something Good Linky!! I am in need for "something good", so I had to link up.  Ugh, Mondays are just dragging these days.. maybe because it's so close to Christmas break? But I really honestly LOVE the days before Christmas, getting caught up with the excitement with the children and I just love giving.. but my energy level is literally a 2 and has been for the past few weeks :\ maybe it's my health again.. any

Something good from school: Our Christmas show was a hit - I am so proud of my kiddos, they did wonderful.  Another great thing that has happened at school is that I have a new student! His name is Troy and I am so very happy he has come to finish out the year with me.  He did not have the best experience at his old school with his teacher (at all), so hopefully I will be able to teach him a few things and engage him in learning! I cannot wait for our Christmas party on the 21st... and this Friday for Fun Friday, we are making Gingerbread houses :) I will be sure to post them after they are finished!

Something good at home: My presents are already wrapped, and this is our first year in our beautiful apartment.  It is very small, but we know our landlords and they gave us hardwood floors, repainted everything, and made it so nice for us when we moved in May 2012.  So much better than our last apartment!! My wonderful friend gave Mike and I our tree that stands in our living room and I just love it.  Something else good at home is my Pancake (hamster) :)

Gifts purchased in the past: Gift cards will always be purchased for many of my loved ones because let's face it, some of them are extremely picky, and some just want to shop for themselves!! I definitely fall into this category because I never feel like I have enough money, and gift cards solve that ;)
I hope everyone is getting ready for the Holidays and is enjoying the "Christmas Cheer"... XOXO Let me know if any bloggers need anything around this time!!

~Laura Love to Teach


  1. So sorry to hear that your energy level is low:( Have you checked out your vitamin levels? My sister gets vitamin B12 shots because she was deficient and was tired all the time. Good for you having your presents all wrapped! So jealous! Your post below was so tragic. My prayers go out to those families. I can't even imagine what they must be going through.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Hi my lovely Holly! Yes I should try to remember to take my vitamins because I don't remember or like the taste they leave in my mouth after I swallow them :) xoxo I wish I could help you with your wrapping!! I so would ... we could wrap over cocoa and Christmas movies (Idk what I will do after Christmas is over lol)


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