Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently June 2014

Oh, and we are in June... my last month of school, and my first year doing Kindergarten Graduation :] This is my 5th year teaching, and one of my favorites.  Going from teaching fourth grade to Kindergarten was such an easy transition.  No matter what, if they are 5 or 15, kids are kids.  And they are so fantastic... that's how I know that I'm doing what I should be - teaching and changing lives!
My sweet and wonderful mentor/co-worker/friend Mrs.Durning/Leander's Fairytale has an amazing opportunity with her husband for next year, and I can't tell you how much I am going to miss her - she's such a wonderful person!! Click the link to visit her TPT store - she's incredible. As I reflect on my year, it certainly wouldn't have been the same without her.
Here is a picture of me, Tara, and our other wonderful teachers at our Emerald Ball this year :] Great memories and fantastic people!

 I didn't link up for May's Currently (shame on me!) But here is my June Currently from the wonderful Farley :] And psst.. I feel pretty special since I got to let Farley know that it was June 1st.. love her and this will always be my favorite link up!
My link up is pretty self explanatory ;) just excited to spend some time enjoying life and not working the longest days ever like I have been the past 5 years of my life... we all need some me time!

I just wanted to share our spring bulletin board (even though it's almost summer!) These freebies can be found here and here! :] I love the bunting letters because you can spell out whatever you want and make it your own... creativity is one of the reasons why I love teaching!

 Every month we have a new character trait.. last month was courage :] Here are some really cute books that teach children about courage! "Brave, Brave, Mouse" and "Small Florence" were my favorites!

 Check out these adorable frogs from Deanna Jump's Frog Unit... LOVE... Just sad that I STILL forgot to glue on the tongues ;) Oops! The kids loved them regardless, and loved writing about what they learned!

Our art teacher is doing a wonderful project with the kids and teachers where we draw a picture of what defines us... I drew a Lily (for my Lily) and two other flowers I represent as Mike and I.  I love birds too so I had to draw them.. but when I think of teaching, I think of growing as an educator and my sweet kids blossoming into life-long learners.  After all the squares are done, it is going to be made into a quilt for our school :]

I updated my Teacher Guide Unit because it's one of my earlier products that I made and I wanted to make it that much better... and I added tons of pages! This is perfect for a new (or newer) teacher for printables to be added to a teacher binder or labels to help you stay organized.
 I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.. if you are on summer vacation - ENJOY xo and for those of you still going strong.. enjoy your time left with your kiddos! 


  1. Love that you were the one that told Farley it was the first :) I hope you spend the summer relaxing!


    1. Haha thanks Erika! I guess I just love her so much ;)

  2. I LOVE your spring bulletin board! It is adorable!

    PAWSitively Teaching

  3. You are so brave to switch from 4th to Kindergarten. I once switched from fifth to third and thought it was a huge transition! I love the frog crafty writing- so cute!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Thanks Carol, I was a little nervous, but I just rolled with it :) I actually like the older older kids as well, and as long as you can make a connection with kids, they are ALL great!! Thanks for the comment :)

  4. Your blog is so cute! I'm your newest follower. I am hoping to take a day trip too. I just need to get away to relax. I hope you relax this summer and get in a day trip or two!
    Fun in ECSE

  5. Oh Laura, that is so funny that you reminded Farley! Love that!
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Hey girl!! And I know, I NEVER know it's the first of the month (except for rent of course) but I was like on top of it this month :)

  6. I love your pictures! Those frogs are so cute! I am ready for summer! I am hoping to sub a few days for some extra money! I love day trips or even overnight trips!

    1. Thank you so much!! :) I hope you have been subbing.. keep it up and know that this is what we all love and want to do!


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