Saturday, February 21, 2015

Science Fun

Before February break, my kids and I started Mrs. Durning-Leander's Fairy Tale's Matter Unit, which is just amazing (link can be found here) - What I love about this product is that it is full of experiments and fun hands-on activities for the kids.  There is also some fill in the blank and written activities, along with a study guide and assessment.
We used cheerios to visually see the different between the matter of a solid, liquid, and a gas.  They had so much fun doing this (and eating the cheerios afterwards!) Using experiments with your kids will help them remember the important information.  :) 
 They had the most fun with the infamous baking soda and vinegar experiment.  You really only need a little because when that balloon started to blow up, their eyes lit up the room.  They loved it and will forever remember that the solid and liquid they used, created a gas :)

We also had Hawaiian Day during our School Spirit Week, so I made a little snack up for the kiddies.  I used vanilla pudding, crushed graham crackers, and two swedish fish.  There were no little umbrellas at the store, I wish the kids would have even been more excited!  The fishies look funny "on the beach" and not in the water, but I just went with it and made up my own recipe ;)
 To go along with our Hawaiian theme, we used the wonderful Surf Buddies freebie from Surfin' Through Second.  Love her so much! Look how cute these turned out?!  If you do download and use this cute product, make sure you leave some feedback for the sweet Corinna!
I hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. Hello.

    I tried to plan a lesson like this. I have a low level reading and math 6th grade learners spec ed- self contained. This would have been the activity/performance task after a fun and engaging ppt for the mini lesson which during I use a digital assessment tool...but I was given feedback by non special education teacher who looked at this and it made no sense to him, He gave me state standardized DOK4 ppt and activity that is too in depth and includes materials that my kids can't use safely.. Any suggestions? I have to now defend my lesson after I was observed.

    1. Hello! I am not sure of the sixth grade criteria but the matter Unit was based on first/second grade standards.

      I am not sure what did not make sense to your coworker , the matter Unit is all based on just that - matter :)

      The Hawaiian day project was completely separate from my matter unit as stated in my blog post. Therefore, there were two separate activities (Science and School spirit week). Best of luck on your lesson!


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