Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Common Core

Hi all! :] It is almost midnight, but since I am on February break I have been staying up late and trying to be productive.  I just had some fabulous ladies help me out by checking over my Reading Common Core Task Cards, and I am happy to say that they are live up on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook! Please check them out :]
The Common Core learning is very important so our students stay on track.. working at a private school, it is not emphasized as much as the public schools, but I make sure to stay on top of it because I want my kiddies to be successful - I love them, and I want to give them all I got as a teacher so they are prepared for 4/5th grade.  I am proud of my ELA Common Core Pack as it has been selling quite nicely over the past couple days.  :] Thank you SO much to all of you for your support and love. I have re-did my Government Unit, Poetry Unit, and now Weather Unit.. all new and improved, better content, fonts, and additional resources.  It took me a LONG TIME but I am so glad I did it since those 3 units are my "Top 3 Sellers".  Please check them out at both my stores!!
I wanted to show you FIVE Common Core products that I think are just fabulous... Please check them out!!
From What the Teacher Wants.. Rachelle has amazing common core checklists for a few different grade levels!! Here is the one for first (one of her best sellers!)
From 3rd Grade Gridiron.. my girl Dana has a 89 page pack full of assessments for ELA for third grade.. Amazing! You need to get this if you are a 3rd grade teacher!
From Deanna Jump... the most talked about TPT seller and millionaire :] She has one of the best all time Common Core sellers for Kindergarten out there... Already has over 2,000 feedback messages! WOW! Such a sweet gal too :]
From Rachel Lynette... she is my go to girl for task cards.. she has the most AMAZING bundles and for such a cheap price!! I have a few of her task card sets, and this is one of my favorites.. perfect for the Common Core, please check these out!!
From One Extra Degree... let's not forget about Poetry!! There are 75 pages from Amanda's Poetry Centers, aligned with the Common Core!! Amanda is another talented lady with many amazing products out there.
Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY that I am having.. you can win $25 to TGI Fridays [yum!] and any two products from my teacher store!! Tell your friends!
By the way, my Pinterest is under construction.. I have finally decided to divide all my teacher delights that I have found into appropriate categories.. boy, I wish I had done that sooner than later!! It has taken me a few days, and I am STILL not done :[ Advice - if you have not already created a pinterest and you want to, do NOT bunch all of your activities into one category.. organize first ;]
I also messed up my Pinterest account by trying to pin from my blog from my Kindle Fire.. do not do this because now it won't let me pin at all from my blog because of "spam/inappropriate content." I was so excited to pin that I tried over and over and over.. and finally, it cut me off.  I can't wait until they respond and I can start pinning again!!
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  1. Hi Laura!! These look amazing! Awesome job:) I have a little downtime today because we got a snow day!! Wahoo! We have the two week spring break at the end of March so did not have off this week. What a surprise we had this morning with over a foot and blowing snow. Weatherman didn't predict that! Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Holly, I am so happy for you for the Snow day!! That is always an exciting surprise! I like the weeks split up (1 and 1), but I have A LOT for when I get back to work (report cards, conferences, etc.) so 2 weeks would be nice!! ;) Thank you so much for stopping by, girlfriend!

  2. Aww, thank you so much for the shout out! I am happy to hear that my poetry centers worked for you and your kiddos! :) It always makes my heart so happy to hear that my resources are being used with success in other classrooms. Your new product looks fantastic! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda!! It means a lot coming from you!! You have amazing amazing products and I hope you continue to go sky high with your success (I know you will!)

  3. Aww, Laura! Thanks so much for including me in your post. :) You ROCK! :)


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