Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day

Hey all! Very happy today was a snow day.. we only had one last year, and we haven't had a delay or one yet this year, so it was deserved.  It didn't start snowing until later on in the afternoon, but it's better to be safe and have the kiddies home with their families and babysitters instead of trying to drive in the snow to get them.  The kids missed their 100th day of school today, but the celebration will definitely be happening on Monday! Check out my Tshirt I made :) The pom-poms already had 100 in the package, all I had to do was spread them out!

What did you do own your snow day (if you had one)?  This is what I accomplished:
1. Working out
2. Napping (most of my day)
3. Catching up on Price is Right, Maury, and Let's Make a Deal
4. Finishing my new and improved, Government Unit
I'd say, overall that it was a great day. I probably would've been more productive if I was in school mode, but I need a break sometimes too! I am enjoying a Friday night in with my honey with movies and (fat free) popcorn.  I wanted to do lesson planning, finish my ELA unit, and all that, but whatevs! The only thing I really need to get to is making two picture boards for my boyfriend's 30th birthday party tomorrow :] I love him, I already gave him his present early (couldn't help it).. a new pair of Jordan kicks! Only the best for my babe!

So I am on this "inspirational path" of revamping my TPT/TN products.. and first up was definitely my Government Unit.  It's crazy how much you learn over the course of even a year... I wish I could change ALL my old units and make them better... this money has helped me out more than anyone knows.  I will not be making any big milestones any time soon, but even 100 dollars helps.  Thank you to all of you XOXO Check out the unit!! It's up on Teacher's Notebook and Teacher's Pay Teachers! And if you have already purchased, please re-download and let me know what you think :)


I appreciate all of your comments. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)