Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Love and Craft

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed spending time and sharing the love with your students and loved ones.  I had a great (but hectic) day with my lovely kiddos, but I am excited for February break coming up.  I know many teachers do not receive a February break and they get a longer Christmas break than I do, but I like the split up.  I just wish it wasn't so early this year!

Check out our adorable candy holders that me and Miss Mound's class made :) So cute!! Heather is a lot better than me with keeping up with Pinterest and finding the best ideas!! Check out this pin HERE and how you can make a DIY Candy Jar/Gumball Machine!

Posted below is my finished candy jar :) I can't wait to put it in my apartment!! I hope Mike likes it!
Also, we made delicious Valentine's ice cream sodas!! Also found on Pinterest, here :) [What did we do before Pinterest?] Even though I am on a "diet/changing lifestyle", I HAD to have one of these!!

The love of my life of 3+ years and counting got me a half dozen roses and a half dozen carnations :) He also got me a beautiful necklace/earrings set, and the adorable pug that you see below!
I am still in the process of updating my TPT and TN activties... so far, Government Unit is fixed, and I JUST finished my Poetry Unit!! :) Please check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers and of course, Teacher's Notebook!
TPT and TN are both wonderful, but I am so happy that Teacher's Notebook will be featuring my ELA Common Core Pack in the upcoming newsletter!! Steve and Debbie are amazing!!

Speaking of awesomeness, I think I am going to be getting my fonts from Tonya's Treats for Teachers from now on!! She is a great and talented gal, so I am definitely going to get a commercial license once she gets going... Please check out her blog if you haven't already and show her some LOVE :] Tell her Love to Teach sent you!

Well, I am tired and need to try to wake up in the morning to do my workout.. I have been so exhausted, but it doesn't help that it's already close to midnight by the time I go to bed! Again, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you are single or taken, live with someone or alone, always know that there is someone that cares for you!!
And you are all the best teachers!!

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