Thursday, May 2, 2013

Currently May 2013

I love linking up with Farley :] Happy (almost) birthday to her!! XOXO
May Currently... whoohoo! What a wonderful month.. I get to celebrate Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and the beautiful weather that we have been having.  I am not a southern girl so heat isn't my forte, but I would love if it were 50-85 degrees all year round! I think my perfect temp would be about 65-70.
PS-Memorial Day is going to be amazing because my school since it is private and we have had more than the minimum number of school days (we stayed open even when the public school that we follow was closed a few times grr) is having time off!! It's all worth it because now we have Fri, Mon, and Tues off! 5 day weekend whoooo.
I am a workaholic.. I admit it.  Until I am comfortable financially (which I am not), I feel the need to work 24-7 and that includes summers.... but even more than the school year.  How is that possible you say? I have no idea! But I do it.. and this summer I definitely want to try and relax a little bit.  I actually couldn't even tell you the definition of that word ;) pretty sad, huh? And since TPT and TN have started, it has helped me tremendously a dollar here or there (yes, I said 1 dollar... and that counts for something!) and I am addicted to creating units... I just finished my matter unit yesterday and I am already thinking, what's next? My summer bucket list better consist of a trip to somewhere... even just stay in Lake George which is 40 mins away from my house.  I wish I could go somewhere a little farther.. maybe someday!



  1. I totally understand. I have a summer job, so I just keep working (at least I really enjoy it).

  2. If you find a place that has weather like that...let me know! It's my ideal weather too!! Love the blog!


  3. Just found your blog through Currently and am now your newest follower :) I'm with you on 65-70 being the perfect temps. Warm enough to wear shorts. . . not hot enough to feel sticky an sweaty!

    The Cozy Classroom

  4. Hi Laura,

    I hope you get some time to relax this summer. I'd also love the weather to be 65-70 degrees. Hope you enjoy your time off.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  5. Oh Laura, you could always visit Vancouver this summer!
    I emailed you (unless the email is accidentally left in drafts again - oops!)
    Sending bubble bath your way...


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