Sunday, May 19, 2013

Teacher's Notebook Giveaway

I know some of you are done with school already, but for me and others, we are still approaching the end of the year! :) The kids (and us!) are very excited, I am sure.
I am very happy to announce my giveaway with Teacher's Notebook.  My sales at my TN shop has been wonderful and continue to grow.  The founders and workers of TN work very hard to ensure that their customers and sellers are 100% satisfied.  Open up your own shop today and receive up to 90% of your sales... with a ONE TIME fee (not annually or monthly.. one time!) Don't want to pay the fee or want to wait to see how you do? Well, you can open up your FREE shop and start selling and earn 75% of your sales :)
Border from the 3am teacher & Fonts from Kevin and Amanda :)
Please enter my giveaway below to win $25 to Teacher's Notebook... there are so many amazing resources from amazing people.  Stock up for next year or for your summer tutoring/school :] Good luck!! Also as a little bonus, you will win one of my products from my store ;) Giveaway runs now through Saturday 5/25! Best of luck!!


  1. So you finally got me to sign up for a TN store! Thanks for the nudge. You rock! :-)

  2. What a sweet giveaway Laura! You are so generous! You're always supporting and giving things away! You have such a kind soul! :o) I'll be working on that TN store so I can come back and get more entries! :o)

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